The marketing pendulum is swinging back to fundamentals: Zineb Layachi


Can you feel the marketing pendulum swinging back to the basics?

For years, the focus has been data, KPIs, and quantifying anything under the sun.

But marketing success happens in different and sometimes mysterious ways. 

Some of it is measured while other marketing isn’t directly attributable. 

Many marketers have embraced data because there are so many tools to access analytics and insights, scale, and automate processes.

When technology makes it easy to reach a global audience, it’s easy to not spend as much time on fundamentals or first principles.

But it appears like marketers are starting to focus more on fundamentals. In my business, I’m seeing more interest in positioning and messaging.

Zineb Layachi said technology makes marketers forget about the reality they are trying to connect with people.

While tools allow marketers to amplify their efforts, she says the marketing pillars are important.

“How can you connect with target audiences and do marketing? What makes an impact? 

People are at the center of that. I keep talking about the fundamentals when you get the fundamentals right, you scale on solid foundations.” 

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