Marketing Spark: A Micro-Podcast (15 Minutes or Less)


Welcome to the first episode of Marketing Spark, a podcast that delivers insight, tools, and tips about less than 15 minutes.

Why only 15 minutes?

I'm a big advocate for micro-marketing: marketing that quickly delivers insight and information. It's micro-podcasts, 30-second videos, and 200-word LinkedIn posts. 

Marketing Spark will feature marketers and entrepreneurs in the trenches, who will talk about their successes and failures.

Here's where you can more on the back story of starting this podcast.

If you have questions, ideas for guests, or looking for help with B2B marketing, let's connect. Contact me or send a message via LinkedIn.

Welcome to the first episode ofmarketing spark a podcast delivered in small doses that puts the spot light oninside tips and stories from marketers and entrepreneurs in the trenches bysmall doses, its conversations that are fifteen minutes or less it's contentthat is easy to consume and US er friendly, think of it as a snack ratherthan a meal. This format embraces the concept of micro marketing marketingdesigned to quickly deliver value. It's many podcast, thirty. Second Videosblock post less than two hundred words and super short and sweet social mediaupdates. At today, people are multi tasking they're Scannin, not readingand they're doing more with less. They want to consume content, butthere's simply not enough time in the day and that's the beauty of micromarketing. Less is more on marketing spark you'll hear frommarketers on how they're operating amid...

...challenging times. What are the tools,channels and approaches that are using to engage and attract customers wouldhave been their most successful campaigns and what did they learn fromtheir failures? As for why I have jumped on the podcastbandwagon? Well, here's the back story. I lost my job as the VP marketing of aSASS company in late April, not exactly the best time to be out of work. Now ofthe blue, I got a message on linked in from an Australian digital marketer,Jamie Stenhouse. We had a good chat about a unique and low cost model thathe uses to do sales out reach for his digital marketing agency and, as wewere, wrapping up. The call Jamie gave me some great advice if you're lookingfor business simply reach out to all your first connections on Linkin, theseare people. He said that I knew so. It made sense to see if there's any valuein my connections. So that's what I did. I wanted to connect with people learnand do research on how I could relaunch... market consultant in the midst of aglobal pandemic. I've talked to dozens of people, entrepreneurs, marketersconsultants and investors, and, to be honest, it felt like going to market inschool. I could ask questions about anything and along the way. I realizedthat these conversations would be great material for a podcast, but I havenever created a podcast. As a writer and journalist blogging has always beenmy thing so to test the waters. I posted my podcast plans on Linkin andasked if people would be interested in participating and the response wasoverwhelming. So I guess I'm now part of the podcastcommunity. I hope that you'll join me on this journey by subscribing tomarketing spark by your favorite podcast platform. If you have ideas for topics orsuggestions for guests, send an email to mark and Mark Evans Dotie a.

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