How a B2B Marketer Successfully Embraced TikTok


One of the most interesting parts of the B2B marketing landscape is watching marketers do their own marketing.

I see a lot of it on LinkedIn – my social media platform of choice.

There are marketers who create text posts, videos, carousels, and, of course, polls.

But, believe it or not, there is life beyond LinkedIn for B2B marketers.

And one of the more intriguing places is TikTok. Yeah, TikTok.

It’s no longer just a social media platform for goofy videos but a place where B2B marketers can successfully leverage.

A marketer who appears to have cracked TikTok is Stephen Pope, who runs SGP Labs in L.A.

In this episode of Marketing Spark, Stephen talks about why he embraced TikTok and his tactical approach to making videos that attract prospects.

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